Refresher lessons

If you have already passed your test and have not driven for a while we can help you with refresher lessons.

In our working lives, we all accept the benefit of ongoing training to avoid getting rusty. With this in mind, surely it makes sense to take the same approach with our driving?

The value of post-test training is widely accepted as being beneficial throughout the driving industry as something that provides the newly qualified driver with the opportunity to further develop and hone their skills.

There is also an increasing number of people, who have held a license for a number of years, that are realizing they too would benefit from extra tuition and are taking a refresher course.

At Sharan School of Motoring, our refresher courses cover a wide range of driving situations. Bespoke courses are designed to provide help and support to drivers:

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Program Overview

  • wishing to improve existing skills, or indeed to learn new driving techniques, with a view to saving money by reducing motoring costs
  • who want to overcome a motoring fear such as motorway driving, driving at night, driving in poor weather conditions
  • who experience changes to their personal circumstances, placing additional reliance on travelling by car
  • wishing to increase their confidence following involvement in a road traffic incident

We offer a 6-hour package*, which will be tailored to your own specific needs.

*N.B: Refresher lessons are only available to full UK driving licence holders or the equivalent foreign licence.


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