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HGV / LGV Driver Training
Sheeran School of Motoring

If you want to be a truck driver, you are in the right place now.

The home of Professional Driver Training

  • Step 1: LGV medical test to prove that candidate meets the minimum standards for lorry driving
  • Step 2: Computerised theory test (Module 1) same like the test for car theory
  • Step 3: LGV practical test (Module 3), this test follows by the Lorry driving lessons from DVSA Approved Driving Instructors. At the time of the practical test, the examiner will ask some questions, already given at (Show me / Tell me)
  • Step 4: Initial CPC (Module 2)
  • Step 5: CPC Demonstration (Module 4) test
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We have access to a large off road training area for the practice truck driving. Where there will be plenty of opportunity to practice and demonstrate the reversing exercise that will be required on the Driving Test. We train our candidates for high competancy not just to pass the test even to get a job successfully.

All Modular 3 Practical exams will be conducted by Bains which will take place at a DVSA Driving Test Centre in Yeading Middlesex. Our DVSA Approved Instructors will ensure that you will gain thorough knowledge of the local area and test routes.

Pass on an automatic vehicle and gain a manual licence subject to the driver having a manual car licence.
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C1 Driving Course

If you’re interested, in booking a C1 driving course lessons. We are your one-stop driver training provider.

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C2 Driving Course

HGV/LGV trucks upto 32 tons fall under this category. To drive a large goods vehicle drivers will have to qualify for C provisional

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C + E Driving Licence

From April 2014 it is possible to pass your driving test in an automatic category C+E type vehicle and gain an HGV  license.

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