Automatic Driving Lessons

Automatic Driving Lessons

Are you interested in driving lessons that are automated? We know that learning to drive a manual car isn’t suitable for all. Certain people prefer learning to drive in an automated car since there’s an absence of the clutch pedal. With no clutch pedal, you don’t need to concentrate on shifting gears. This will make the driving experience more enjoyable and allow you to concentrate on safe driving.

If you believe that automated driving lessons would be the best to you, then we’ve skilled driving instructors across the Hayes to assist you in getting on the road with confidence. We’ll help you become a responsible and safe driver, at your personal speed making sure you’re well-prepared for your test.

What Are The Benefits Of Automatic Driving Lessons?

There are a variety of reasons you may consider that learning how to drive with an auto is the right choice for you. The first and most important reason is that you won’t have to fret about changing gears. It can be a challenge for some novice drivers while some prefer it to be a bit easier than driving a manual vehicle. This makes automated driving lessons an excellent alternative.
What’s The Difference Between Manual and Automatic?

The distinction between cars that are manual and automated is on the gears. The terms “manual” and “automatic” refer to the change between the gears in the car. If you drive a manual vehicle it is your responsibility to change and select the gear that you are in by using the stick for gears. A car that is automated does the job for you.

Automatics cars have still feature of gears, however they’re less basic. Certain cars might have additional gears however the four primary ones are:

  • Park (P) It is similar to neutral on a manual vehicle however your wheels remain locked. The car should be in “park” (P) while you’re turning the engine off or on.
  • Drive (D) Drive (D): The “drive’ (D) gear is used to propel the car forward. When you press the accelerator the car’s gears will change between gears, from the one to the next and the cycle continues. The likelihood is that you’ll spend the majority of your time within this mode.
  • Neutral (N) Neutral (N): This is utilized when the vehicle has to stop for brief period of time during traffic light.
  • Reverse (R) The reverse (R) option will enable you to choose the cars reverse gears, allowing you to go backwards.


In a manual vehicle you shift gears through pressing your clutch, and then selecting the gear you want to use. Because automatic cars don’t feature a clutch, this makes them more difficult to stall. Another advantage of cars that are automatic is that they do not grind the gears or choose the wrong gear accidentally.

Why Choose Automatic Cars?

On Automatic car has no clutch pedal to operate, an automated car is likely to be more easy to drive, particularly when you’re driving through Hayes that are more congested If you’re having trouble managing the gears on the manual vehicle then you should learning to drive with an automatic system will help you get your driver’s license. Many people choose automatic driving lessons for city driving since high traffic volumes mean more frequent gear shifts to manual motorists.

If you’re deciding to take automatic driving lessons or manual vehicle it is crucial to remember that an automatic license will not allow you to operate in a manual vehicle once you’ve passed the test. This means that choosing an automatic vehicle now might restrict your options when purchasing or renting a vehicle or van in the near future.

We from Sharan School of Motoring we can provide automatic driving lessons across the hayes & its all surrounding areas. Call one of our professional driving instructors at the number listed to find out if we are available near you.

Automatic Driving Instructors Near You

Our highly skilled instructors provide automated driving lessons across the Hayes and its surrounding areas and can create an individual learning program to meet your requirements whether you choose a manual or an automatic vehicle. We’ve found that most learners progress faster when they are taking at minimum two hours of lessons per week However, it’s ultimately your choice and the instructor will adjust to meet your requirements.

Why Choose Our Automatic Driving Lessons?

  • Arrive on Time and in Uniform
  • Fully qualified ADI Instructor
  • Flexible Schedules for Booking
  • Home, College & Work Pickup
  • 30 Years of Driving Experience

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